Angel Watch Series R - Assist



Angel Watch™ is a simple, wearable GPS tracking watch for elderly relatives, dementia patients, and other vulnerable family members. Angel Watch™ connects to the free Angel Watch™ app allowing you to communicate, monitor, and locate your loved one anytime, anywhere. And if you are unavailable, there are also automatic emergency dialing features.

Included with your order is a free cellular SIM card through our network provider over AT&T's reliable network (USA only) for only $10/monthly without any contract ensuring coverage well beyond home

Angel Watch™ is an unlocked 4G device with worldwide compatibility on almost every network provider. 


In addition to calling, messaging, video calling and more, Angel Watch™ let’s you find the wearer’s accurate current location, with tracking history and geo-fencing alerts any time of day- and even notifies you when its battery is running low. You can also set it up to provide text or voice reminders for things like medicine or tasks that need to be done at a certain time. This watch also has the capability to notify registered family members of fall alerts and can automatically call them if activated. All of this, and it’s also comfortable for the wrist, with multiple styles and even alligator print leather material options.

The Angel Watch is also an accurate health monitor watch for seniors. Use your Angel Watch™ app to remotely take valuable vital readings and log life-time history.

✔ GPS Location
✔ Fall Alerts
✔ Medication Reminders
✔ Body Temperature Readings
✔ Heart Rate - BPM
✔ Blood Pressure - mmHg
✔ Blood Oxygen - SpO2H

Give your loved one their much-wanted independence and know that with just a press of one button, they can dial the emergency contacts you've set- one after the next until somebody answers.


More vulnerable people have special needs that require not just the care and support that easier communication brings but a device that offers the critical advantage when it's needed.

As family members get older, they can often need increasing dependence.  This is difficult.  After a lifetime of being the independent guiding light forging the family forward, anything that can stretch out their independence a bit longer is can bring back all that pride of being a matriarch or patriarch. 

Others may suffer from conditions requiring that extra care.  In some cases, not having it can be hazardous.  Six in 10 people living with dementia will wander at least once; and most do so repeatedly. 

Recovery time is always critical.  With Angel Watch™, you'll have on-demand location that can offer you and emergency services an immensely valuable starting point to look. It’s the ultimate safety watch for seniors.

    Expand FEATURES or view our User Manual for a detailed list of all functions and features of both the watch and the app. 

    Try at home risk free for 7 days. 1 year Warranty. SIM Card included. Fast free shipping from the USA.  


    Everything you'll need comes in the box including your SIM card, instructions to set up and activate your Angel Watch™, get it connected, and give you the peace of mind that only Angel Watch™ can bring. 

    You will receive a free GSMA SIM card from our network partner Red Pocket Mobile that offers a fully compatible, plug-and-play experience with simple activation, no contracts, no risk of overage charges, free calling to 80+ countries, award-winning support, and all with the power, reliability and coverage of AT&T's network for only $10/month.

    Activate your SIM card at

     For users outside of the United States, Angel Watch™ is a fully unlocked, worldwide compatible 4G GSM safety watch for seniors.  Please select the most appropriate region for Angel Watch on checkout.  If you wish to use any other network in the USA, please note that only GSM networks are compatible with Angel Watch™.  Other networks involve varying degrees of complexity to set up.  For other networks, The Angel Watch™ Company offers only limited support. 

    Angel Watch is not a medical device.