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With two young girls of our own, we set out to develop a product that could keep our kids safe after a couple of scary incidents.. 

Our concerns were the same as those of any responsible parent.  And so we set out to create a distraction-free device that could keep our girls safe. 

It had to be age appropriate and not let them access the rabbit-hole of the internet alone, something secure that would give us the critical advantage if we ever lost sight of them with GPS locating and calling ability, that let them explore the neighborhood without going too far through geo-fencing, something that could track and monitor our kid's activity with step tracking and calorie burn, have a single button SOS button to call us if something went wrong, that gave us a way to listen in on the babysitter so we could confidently head out for dinner and just a fun device for them with which they could even communicate directly to each other.  Thus, we created our child safety smartwatch.

safe and happy kids

Mia & Sophia 

And that was just the start.  We conducted massive nationwide surveys to see what else was important to other parents and after over two years of development, created the Angel Watch- and without a single case of carpal tunnel! 

We started our company officially in November 2019 and were ready to ship by February 2020- all with the same incredible 6 person team from our office right here in Sheridan, WY.  It's been quite a journey, for sure with its rough patches but with every month that passes, we get better at what we do: faster shipping, better site information, quicker response times, all of it is improving all the time with a commitment to launch a new model every year- but without any black t-shirt, white sneaker hipster razzmatazz!  Just an email will do. ;)

As a company, we value family above all else.  Even though we pay our staff to work from 8am-5pm, it's on the condition that they're all out of the office by 3pm sharp and spend the last 2 hours with their kids doing an activity- hiking, kayaking, riding or anything else sounds fun. It's a strict rule here!

We really hope you enjoy our product.  It means more to us than anything that you do.  That's why we're perhaps the only company with a product like this with a 7-day try at home policy with a massive focus on personalized customer service. We're small, we care and we have no intention of ever selling out to chase profit. 

It's just not who we are. 

And if things aren't going right or you're just in need of help and answers, please get in touch with so we can help.  You'll always talk to one of us and we'll always make things right one way or the other. 

That's the Angel Watch promise.

Our goal is to make every family safer and improve relationships by staying close, even when away.  Please help us spread the word and make every kid's childhood even safer and that much better with our child safety smartwatch.

God bless,

Jake, Melinda, Mia & Sophia (and Alex, Angela, Sam and that guy we never see surface from the server room- just kidding Les!)