Angel Watch Series R



Angel Watch™ is an indispensable WiFi and 4G enabled GPS cellular water-resistant smartwatch for kids that allows families to communicate, monitor, and locate their children anytime from anywhere* using the always free, proprietary and secure Angel Watch iPhone or Android app.

Angel Watch™ is an independent, child-safe phone and tracking device; not easily lost being secure on their wrist and fully controlled and monitored by you through your Angel Watch app. 

Find your child's location, give them a call, send them a message, monitor their health, offer a safe way for them to get in touch with you too- all regardless of how near or far apart you are.

The Angel Watch™ kids’ 4G smartwatch also ships with a complimentary SIM card from our network partner Red Pocket Mobile providing reliable service over AT&T’s reliable and robust coverage (USA only). 

Enjoy easy, plug and play setup and take advantage of our customer exclusive 50% discounted rate of only $10 per month by using the included SIM.**  

Stay on your network and just activate your included SIM on our ACTIVATIONS page. Enjoy no-contract prepaid service without ever having a risk of additional charges. Cancel anytime or enable ’Set it and Forget it’ automatic renewal of your $10 plan to enjoy worry-free continuous service. You’ll even get free calling to 80+ countries!

International customers are welcome to use any worldwide GSM network. 

*where cellular network coverage or wifi is available  
** only valid with SIM cards provided by or ordered from our store. 


You want to be able to know where your loved one is all the time. You'd love to give them a way to call you if they need; to be alerted of trouble before it happens. Your kid needs a cell phone, but a cell phone is expensive, and it gets easily lost. Anyone can add their number- or worse, get your kid's number. And don't get us started on the harms of social media and unsupervised free reign of the internet! No, definitely not. Your child doesn't need a cell phone. Not yet. For the next few years at least, your kid needs an Angel Watch—it’s the only 4G kids’ GPS watch that solves every problem a cell phone does without actually being a cell phone.

  • Monitor your child's location at all times through accurate multi-source location tracking with geo-fencing and out-of-bounds alerts
  • Fully parent-controlled phone book blocks all other outgoing and incoming calls
  • No risky internet browsing or distracting social media access
  • Reliable cellular and HD Video calling with messaging
  • Remotely take Body Temperature readings, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and keep an eye on Blood Oxygen levels too to ensure healthy respiration
  • Dedicated SOS button with programmable numbers in case of incidents when apart from you
  • Durable water-resistant smart watch for kids that can keep up with their active lifestyles

Expand FEATURES or view our User Manual for a detailed list of all functions and features of both the watch and the app. 

Try at home risk free for seven days. One-year Warranty. SIM Card included. Fast free shipping from the USA.


Everything you'll need comes in the box including your SIM card, instructions to set up and activate your Angel Watch™, get it connected and give you the peace of mind that only Angel Watch™ can bring. 

Receive a complimentary SIM card from our network partner providing 

contract-free service through AT&T's robust network for only $10/month (US Customers Only).

Activate your pre-paid account with your watch and enjoy a simple, hassle-free plug-and-play experience from a network that offers importantly reliable coverage.

No risk of overage charges. Includes free calling to 80+ countries including Mexico and Canada.

Activate your SIM card at

 For users outside of the United States, Angel Watch™ is a fully unlocked, worldwide compatible GSM kids’ 4G smartwatch. Please select the most appropriate region for Angel Watch on checkout. If you cannot, or do not, wish to use the SIM card provided, please ensure you will be using a GSM network for Angel Watch™. 
The Angel Watch Company offers limited support for other networks as non-partner networks may involve varying degrees of complexity to set up.


The Angel Watch Series R-Assist offers all the same benefits in a sophisticated black model. It provides a critical advantage to the elderly residing alone and for people living with autism or dementia.  

✔ Dedicated Emergency Call Button
✔ Accurate GPS Tracking
✔ 2-Way Cellular Calling
✔ Body Temperature Readings
✔ Heart Rate Monitoring
✔ Blood Pressure Reading
✔ Blood Oxygen Levels

Learn more about how the Angel Watch Series R Assist can benefit your family, friends, and the wider, more vulnerable, community.